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Privacy Policy

Thank you for doing business with DealCart. Your security in using our website for information and transactions is of paramount importance to us. Our policy for gathering, disseminating and using information can be reviewed below. Please note that this policy can change at any time and should therefore be reviewed periodically by customers. We are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and information in accordance with Jamaican laws and our own high standards.

How does our Privacy Policy apply to DealCart?
Our Privacy Policy applies to DealCart and every single individual employed to DealCart who handles your information. Handling means collecting, possessing, using, processing, recording, storing, transferring, disclosing, dealing and receiving data from and about you, the customer. The Privacy Policy applies to the personal data and information itself, its purpose of collection, storage, usage and the persons and entities outside of DealCart to whom such data may be transferred or shared.
When is your Personally Identifiable and Demographic Information collected?

Personally identifiable and demographic information is collected from you at the following times:

  1. When you create a DealCart account
  2. When you engage in the registration process
  3. When you purchase products from DealCart by placing an order
  4. When you use any service related to DealCart
  5. When you download the DealCart App
  6. When you request additional information to the information provided on the site such as quotes, customer support, assistance and any information related to products and services
  7. When you download any content, software or updates from the site
  8. When you subscribe to any promotional material eg newsletters emails etc.
  9. When you register for any promotions, special activities, seminars etc.
  10. When you fill out your details in the “Contact Us” section.

"Personally Identifiable and Demographic Information" includes but not limited to; your full name including your First and last name, password stored in an encrypted format, email addresses, mobile phone numbers and contact details, photographs, bank account, your home address, correspondence/communication address, ZIP/Postal code, demographic data like your age, gender, occupation, date of birth, education, address, your interest and preferences and opinions about our products/services or website, number of times you have visited/accessed to our website or any page of the website, items/products bought by you, loyalty points, notifications etc.

How is your Data/Information used?

Your personal or demographic information can be used to promote products and services to you based on your buying history. However, you can opt-out of this type of information collection if you so desire.

Your personal information can also be used for market and customer research, troubleshooting, improvements in service, promotion of secure services, keep you informed on offers, services, products and promotions, fraud detection and prevention of criminal activities, enforcement of terms and conditions as well as any other activity that you would be informed about beforehand.

Your data is used to continuously improve DealCart’s offerings in terms of service and products. Your IP address is used to diagnose and manage any problems with our server that may occur from your on-line transactions. It is a means of identifying you and assimilating a wide variety of demographic data.

This process is ongoing and we may at times seek to update and expand our data through surveys, questionnaires, etc. to improve our service, products and your customer experience.

Credit and debit card information and other financial details are not captured from any transactions you may engage in with DealCart.

For What Purpose is your Information/Data collected? Your personal data is used to:

  1. Process your orders
  2. Complete transactions
  3. Deliver products purchased
  4. Provide informed responses to your customer queries
  5. Manage your Contact information to improve our communication with you for better customer service.


Cookies are devices used to obtain data when you access DealCart with a browser. These devices remember how you interacted with DealCart to make your user experience easier whenever you visit the website. For example, through the use of cookies you don’t have to re-enter all your login information every time you visit the site. The cookies can also be used to create custom advertising by tracking your searches and interests.

What is our policy regarding Disclosure of transfer or sharing your Sensitive Personal Data?

Your data can be shared with or disclosed to employees of DealCart for the purpose of business, marketing, promotion and research for product/service improvement. Your data can be shared with or disclosed to Third parties for the purpose of improving our products and services. These third parties may make contact with the customer to conduct research. Your data will be shared with third parties in accordance with the law and our high security standards outlined here. Your data can be shared for legal requirements including but not limited to government agencies, entity or as may be required under law and/or statutory authority, Bank of Jamaica or in response to a legal/Court proceedings, for the purpose of verification of identity, or for prevention, detection, investigation including cyber incidents, prosecution.

Our policy regarding Personal/Demographic information sharing.The only third parties with which your information will be shared, rented, distributed or sold are those with which we have your permission to do so.

We do not share, rent, sell or distribute your personal/demographic information and we will not disclose any of your personally identifiable information to third parties unless we have your permission or consent to provide products or services you have requested, which is subject to the following exceptions. The only exceptions are partners with which we work to maintain and improve the security of your data and personal information. Personal and demographic information can also be disclosed for legal purposes if required by the law such as responding to court orders, summons, writs and any other legal processes. It can be disclosed to certain entities such as law enforcement and third party rights owners if such disclosure is necessary to enforce our Terms or Privacy Policy, protect the safety or security of our customers or the general public as well as respond to any legal claims against us by a Third Party. Your personal and demographic information can also be shares with entities with which we plan to merge or be acquired by. Such entities will be required to follow this privacy policy.

Site Links

There are sites to which we are linked that may obtain personal information about you. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these sites.

What are our Security Procedures?

Strict measures are in place to protect your data from unauthorized access, loss, alteration and misuse. A secure server is offered to you whenever you access or change your account information. The measures in place are compliant with applicable laws that govern storage, procedure and access. The systems in place involve electronic, procedural and physical measures to protect your data, its integrity and confidentiality. Access by our employees and third parties is limited and disciplinary and./or action will be taken against any employee who breaches or attempts to breach these safeguards or violates our security obligations to our customers.

We will conduct periodic audits to ensure that our systems of protection and security remain effective at all times. If shortfalls are discovered they will be rectified based on the findings of these audits in order to remain compliant with our own privacy policy and any legal requirements governing the safety and protection of your personal data.

Personal data that is not in use by DealCart will not be stored unless there is a legal requirement to do so. Any personal data that no longer serves the purpose for which it was collected will be destroyed.

We may be contacted to deal with any discrepancies or grievances you may have concerning the processing of your personal data. The time frame for addressing those grievances is within one month of receipt of complaint.

Opt-Out and Corrections facilities

Customers have the option to opt-out of receiving non-essential or promotional communications from us after registering with us. We can be contacted via email if you want us to remove any personal data you have provided from our databases. A facility is also provided for customers to edit information that they have provided to us. The personal information you provide is considered by us to be correct and complete. We are not responsible if such information is incorrect or incomplete but we can correct and amend such information upon receiving a written request from you.

You are in agreement that DealCart, our affiliates and employees are not responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the data or information you have and you agree to indemnify ‘DealCart’ for all losses incurred by DealCart attributable or related to any false, manipulated, distorted, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, misleading or fraudulent information provided or made by you to DealCart.

Advertisements on DealCart Website/App:

DealCart, including our affiliates/associates/service partners & our App website do not warrant or is not responsible for any representations made by Third Party advertising companies in any manner who use our website or app to display advertisements. Such entities may use your personal data to promote goods and services to you.

Updates to our Policy:

DealCart reserves the right to update, modify or change this Privacy Policy in any way at any time without prior notification. Any changes will be made public with immediate effect on our website. From the effective date of implementation, such policies will be effective immediately and supersede to last policy. Any feedback you would like to make regarding changes that have been made can be communicated to us via email. If there is any ambiguity, the definitions established under Jamaican IT law shall apply.