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Vendor Relationships – Sell Your Products Through DealCart

Why Is DealCart Right For You

If you’re a vendor visiting DealCart you can already see the convenience we provide to shoppers by offering them the chance to easily buy products online and have them delivered. Perhaps you own a business that could benefit from selling products via the internet. Maybe many of your customers are located far away, maybe selling your products online will give you an advantage over your competitors or maybe your customers don’t have the time to come into your shop to see all the products you would like them to see.

DealCart is your solution to these issues. Listing your products with DealCart gives you an online show window to reach more customers over a much larger area. Not only are you expanding your market, you are offering your customers better service through the convenience of doing their purchase transactions when they want and where they want.

How Does Your Partnership With DealCart Work

Working with DealCart is EASY and inexpensive. We work on a commission basis. This means that there is no service charge for taking advantage of our online facilities. We take an agreed commission for each sale that takes place through our website.

Once you are a registered vendor we set up your products for display on our website. This is your new shop window reaching a larger audience. This involves cataloguing your products on the website, dealing with the orders from your customers and managing the payment transactions. Any issues that a customer may have regarding your products will be handled by us. We will not just provide you with periodic and timely reports of your sales but also relay any feedback we get from customers regarding your products.

How Can You Sell Your Products Through DealCart

Once you have completed the Registration process and given us a listing of your products, product information and prices, DealCart will add the items to the website. The sales procedure is as follows.

A) A customer will browse your products and make a purchase.
B) An email alert will be sent to you to inform you of the transaction.
C) You will prepare the product for shipment complete with instructions on how to return the product if there is a problem.
D) You will then log in to your Vendor’s account and mark the product as ready for shipment.
E) A courier will be informed of your product which is ready for shipment.
F) A courier will pick up the item from you for delivery to the customer.

How Will You Receive Your Payments?

Buyers are charged for their purchases once the item has been shipped. Payment for the product will be delivered to you within 14 working days of the sale. If there is a problem eg the wrong product was shipped, then we will inform you of the problem, resolve it and let you know how many additional days you may have to wait before the payment is delivered.

Payments will be made to your Jamaican bank account or credit card. Any queries or issues regarding payments can be addressed by emailing a Vendor Service Agent at ………………………………………….

Let Us Begin A Profitable And Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Now that you understand how this profitable relationship works, you can begin with the first step of registering as a DealCart vendor HERE (Link).

Once you have completed the registration process you will be contacted by a DealCart agent and your contract with us will be confirmed.