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Customer Service

Customer Interactions

DealCart has dedicated channels to speak with our buyers and sellers to address customer queries, feedback, problems or complaints that may arise. These customer service channels include a toll free telephone number and an email address. Responses to emails take place within 24 hours.

If a problem cannot be resolved right away due to technical challenges then the customer will be given an estimated time frame for the resolution of the problem. Our agents are trained to be polite and empathetic with a working knowledge of the various issues that can arise through usage of our site.

If the problem requires greater technical expertise, a qualified professional with the requisite knowledge will be assigned to your case and get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you need to speak to someone with more authority, a supervisor or higher level manager will be made available to you.

Billing issues will be given priority because we know how important your money is to you. Our customer service agents and accounting department have clear instructions to settle all billing issues within 24 hours.

Delivery Of Products

Our delivery policy is subject to applicable laws including Jamaica’s Sale of Goods legislation and the Electronic Commerce Act.

Preparation and processing of products for delivery takes place from Monday to Saturday.

For delivery to take place we MUST have a complete delivery address as well as your phone number. Deliveries are not made to P.O. Boxes. Deliveries only take place within Jamaica.

Once an item has been shipped you will be notified via email within 12 hours.

Perishables are not shipped by DealCart. Items and substances prohibited by law are not shipped by DealCart.

Customers will be provided with a full refund for any item damaged during the shipping process.

Shipping Rate

We have a flat shipping rate of $1000 for delivery to any address in Jamaica. Free delivery will be made for any purchase over $10,000.

Cancelling An Order

Please note that if for whatever reason you choose to cancel an order you have made through DealCart that cancellation will be accepted only if the shipping process has not yet started for that order. It is advisable, therefore, that you cancel as early as possible. Refunds will be done through whatever means the payment was made. For example, if the payment was made with a credit card then a refund will be made to your credit card. If the payment was done through a bank transfer then the refund will be made in the same way. Refunds will be made within 24 hours of a cancellation.